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Mission Statement: To provide the application of unique products and services for solving real world problems with integrity and charity.

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Mining Road Dust Control - Before and After DustLess product treatment
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ESS project site pictures featured in EROSION CONTROL magazine

The above before/after images were taken during a mining road dust control engagement by ESS, LP and are featured in EROSION CONTROL magazine Aug/July 2008 issue.

Executive Summary

Earth Stabilizing Systems, LP was the first certified applicator for DirtGlue and Dustless Systems. Earth Stabilizing Systems management has been involved in sales and applications of DirtGlue and Dustless systems since 2002. ESS was founded for the purposes of providing a wide variety of services and consulting for any soil stabilization project for environmental protection. We have proven techniques in minimizing installation hazards and pitfalls, and improving overall performance of DirtGlue products. Some industries served include mining, recreation, petroleum, government and non-government organizations. Earth Stabilizing Systems is a certified applicator for DirtGlue and Dustless Systems with independent installation services, consulting, and field technical support.

The team at ESS is committed to the satisfaction of the customer’s request with anything that is needed from initial requirements assesment, planning, and final installation. We also follow up and inspect the application's performance in the weeks and months following the application. We will use all of the latest up-to-date technologies that are proven to provide the maximum benefit of a clean environment. Some of these include:

We stand behind our work and guarantee results.

We invite you to tour the application descriptions and results in this web site. Pictures and video aid in the education process. We hope you enjoy the view of our work on these application profile pages.